Product Webinar: Orso Pro

Ben Viola

February 20th
7:00 pm


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Pain and Inflammation is the second leading reason why people in the United States go visit a health care professional.*  
Come learn about the connection to pain relief with topical organic herbal medicine and THC-Free organic family farm grown and processed CDB oil. 
True Relief from Orso Pro is a novel product in the crowded CBD Field.  Learn all the details of Orso Pro. The uniqueness of the ingredients, their synergies and mechanism of actions, plus all the different applications!
As True Relief is certified THC-Free, it is legal to carry and dispense in your practice.  All those in attendance live can receive a free sample bottle to try in their practice for themselves and/or on patients.  
*National Institutes of Health


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Ben Viola Ben Viola

Ben has taught many seminars and trainings on the clinical application of whole food supplements and western herbal medicine.

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